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Medium voltage squirrel cage motors

The company Easy motor, since its establishment has been known for its new service and experience in electrical machines. We, at Easy Motors, have proved ourselves as professional partners for your national and international projects with our electric drives and systems delivered in several countries.

We have the medium voltage squirrel cage motor you are looking for

Easy Motors, through its Marketplace, believes in delivering highly reliable and efficient motors. Primarily by promoting the motors manufactured by the most well-known OEMs which contributes to deliver the power you need at the best cost with lower maintenance.

Medium voltage squirrel cage motors can now be used in almost all applications where high reliability and robust performance is necessary. The main pros of an induction motor are the robust mechanical construction of the rotor and the reduction in the number of parts required compared to a synchronous motor.

Medium voltage squirrel cage motors offer lower weight / inertia, high efficiency, higher overload capacity. These electric motors are cost-effective for users than the synchronous machine equivalent. The features and design of these motors allow low maintenance operation providing dependable performance in any circumstance.

They are also widely used in industries such as oil and gas, mining and metals, power and energy, pulp and paper, water and other processes. Applications range from fans, pumps, compressors, to metal rolling mills, mine hoists, refiners and many others.

Easy Motor holds a reputation for being a customer-centered company providing you the choice for the motor you need. For the above-mentioned applications, custom products are proposed by our sellers. These products are designed specifically to drive solutions to comply with the most stringent requirements. We provide medium voltage squirrel cage motors from the leading brands such as ABB and SIEMENS...

Easy Motor’s objective is to come up with product-oriented propositions that meet our highest customer specifications blended with innovative technology and top notch quality standard. We also keep in mind the responsibility we have towards our environment.

There’s no need to wait when you have Easy Motor for all your medium voltage squirrel cage motor needs.