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New electric motors by Easy Motor

Electric Motors are an indispensable and integral component of several industrial production machines. Hence a wide range of electric new motors is made readily available on our marketplace. We help the leading OEMs amongst several market leaders by representing them and showcasing their new electric motors such as ABB, WEG, NIDEC, SIEMENS...

Easily find the new electric motor that's right for you

First of all, depending on the characteristics and the type of product you want to buy, Easy Motor offers an innovative electric motor search engine system that can target your needs through all available ads from our sellers. Based on their purpose and mode of operation, one can shop for a two speeds squirrel-cage motor, low-voltage / medium voltage squirrel-cage motor, sling rings motor, and DC motor.

If you are interested to invest in a brand new electric motor then stop and go no further, we’ve got you covered! Easy Motor will fulfill all your electric motor needs. Easy Motor is the 1st player on the B2B market to centralize inventories of new or second-hand electric motors and make them available in several countries such as France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Morocco... We work with several market leaders. Easy Motor centralizes all engine stocks for buyers around the world

We make sure of promoting our wide community of professional sellers’ motors and ensure the daily update of stock registered online. We also assist the research of key motors through a dedicated research engine with immediate availability to our buyers’ community.

Additionally, to all its buyers, Easy Motor provides an outsourcing service. This service is especially for buyers who are in search of a specific motor that is not available for sale in the Marketplace. It enables them to receive a personalized quote from our licensed sellers. Thus, the buyer can choose between several commercial offers coming from professionals sellers to meet his needs at the best possible conditions.