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Slip Ring Motors

Easy Motor since its establishment has been known for the market breakthrough created with its Marketplace and its experience in electric motors such as slip ring motors. With an increased number of electric drives and system installations around the world, Easy Motor have proved time and again as professional partners for both national and international projects.

We have the slip ring motor you are looking for

For electric motor applications that demand both high starting torques/low starting current, Easy Motor is proud to offer a large range of brand new slip ring induction motors and second hand slip ring motors. The application expertise and design experience have made our company a leading provider of low and high voltage slip-ring induction motors.

Our proposed slip ring motors are built using proven standardized motor design, high-quality materials, and advanced ventilation technology. Our new and second-hand slipring motor sellers are professionals recognized for their expertise and the quality of the motors they offer. Among the many brands offered on our marketplace we have VEM, SCHORCH, SEVER, WEG... and many others.

Slip ring motors are widely used in applications requiring high starting torque or low starting current. They come quite handy for heavy load inertia applications like mill drives or situations where network conditions are weak. Apart from these applications, they are also widely used in applications such as cement plants, mines, utilities, waterworks, conveyors, compressors, mixers, crusher and many more.

Easy Motor has a reputation for proposing customized motors which are designed specifically to drive solutions to comply with the stringent and standard requirements. Its objective is to promote products that meet our highest customer specifications blended with innovative technology and the best possible quality standard.

This is why you must choose Easy Motor for all your slip ring motor needs.